A Brief History of CIA Drug Operations

Most of us have grown up being taught that the CIA are the good guys, who risk their lives gathering intelligence on the bad guys of the world who wish to do America harm. According to former CIA officer turned whistleblower, John Stockwell, the real CIA is about this: “It is the function of the CIA to keep the world unstable, and to propagandize and teach the American people to hate and fear…”

Good propaganda on a nation will have the effect of a deluded, uninformed populace who will have no idea they have been brainwashed. One of the ways America has been destabilized over the decades is from the deliberate importation of heroin and cocaine from our government.

According to Michael Collins Piper, in his book “Final Judgment,” the biggest secret of the Vietnam war is that the CIA seized control of the Golden Triangle, and along with organized crime, shipped huge amounts of heroin out of Southeast Asia into the US by way of the CIA’s airline, Air America. The Golden Triangle is an area which includes Burma, Thailand, Laos, and South Vietnam. After a decade of American military occupation of this region, Southeast Asia became the biggest supplier of opium to the world. The two main traffickers for the CIA in this area were Ted Schackley and Thomas Clines, who both also ran Operation Mongoose, an unsuccessful program to assassinate Cuban president Fidel Castro. From 1960-1975, the CIA created heroin labs in the Golden Triangle and distributed it via Air America. 

Piper writes: “Kennedy’s intended change in Vietnam policy – his plan to unilaterally withdraw from the Imbroglio – infuriated not only the CIA but elements in the Pentagon and their allies in the military industrial complex. By this time, of course, the Lansky Syndicate had already set up international heroin running from Southeast Asia through the CIA linked Corsican mafia in the Mediterranean. The joint Lansky-CIA operations in the international drug racket were a lucrative venture that thrived as a consequence of deep US involvement in Southeast Asia as a cover for drug smuggling activities.” The above-mentioned “Lansky” is in reference to famous mobster Meyer Lansky.

In 1996, journalist Gary Webb of the San Jose Mercury News published a report entitled “Dark Alliance,”  which detailed that the CIA funded its covert war against the Nicaraguan government through the traffic of massive amounts of cocaine into Los Angeles. This raised untraceable funds to finance a terrorist organization in Nicaragua and is the direct reason for the crack epidemic in Los Angeles in the 1980’s and 1990’s. This enabled notorious street gangs like the Bloods and Crips to thrive, all while America is being preached to about a “war on drugs.” Published in the San Jose Mercury News, “Dark Alliance” was very well received and drew a lot of attention. Webb had done groundbreaking journalism but it exposed too much about the true nature of our system. The rest of the major media denounced Webb’s work and because of their relentless pressure and propaganda to the contrary of Webb’s findings, the San Jose Mercury News bowed and issued an “apology” in May, 1997, basically stating the piece was not accurate. The major media’s job is to protect the criminal empire and propagandize, not inform, just as John Stockwell stated is the function of the CIA. Later, in 2004, Webb was stalked and harrassed and received death threats as he was working on a book about the matter. Webb had amassed an abundance of evidence that he had never published and told his friend, reporter Jon Roland, that he would never commit suicide. On December 10th, 2004, Gary Webb was found at his home dead from two bullet wounds to the head which was ruled a suicide. I’m going to go out on a limb here and state that when a person dies from two shots to the head, that person was shot by someone else. The murder of Webb was a statement that anyone can and will be killed who threatens the cabal, and that they are above the law by leaving a two shot signature mark that it was a hit.

On November 15th, 1996, at a town hall meeting in Los Angeles, former LAPD Narcotics Detective Michael Ruppert spoke to CIA director John Deutch the following words: “The agency has dealt drugs throughout this country for a long time,” to which hundreds of people inside the meeting cheered wildly. It took several minutes to bring order and then Ruppert continued and explained to Deutch that there are three operations he knew of by name that were CIA drug operations. Those names given were: Amadeus, Pegasus, and Watchtower. Ruppert also stated that: “I was personally exposed to CIA operations and recruited by CIA personnel, who attempted to recruit me, in the late 70’s to become involved in protecting agency drug operations in this country. I have been trying to get this information out for 18 years.” Director Deutch suggested that Ruppert report this matter first to the LAPD, to which the crowd and Ruppert found quite comical, and then Ruppert replied: “I did bring this information out 18 years ago and I got shot at and forced out of the LAPD because of it.” 

Ruppert reports in a different presentation about these particular named operations and explains that Amadeus involved small aircraft flying into various airports throughout the southwest. It also included military C-130 planes that carried between 2 and 3 thousand kilos of cocaine. One of the places these C-130s were operating in and out of was El Toro Marine Air Station in El Toro, CA. Jim Sabow, Chief of Staff of Air Operations, was 3rd in command at the base and was aggressively opposed to this drug operation taking place at his air base. He voiced his concerns to his 2 superiors there but what bothered them was not that there were thousands of kilos of cocaine moving through their air base; it was that Sabow was not on board. On January 22nd, 1991, Jim Sabow was found murdered in his backyard. Sabow was murdered because of his refusal to capitulate to the Marine Corp’s cooperation with the CIA in running massive amounts of cocaine through El Toro. 

Pablo Escobar is perhaps the most well known drug trafficker in history. Escobar’s son, Juan Pablo Escobar, has written a book about his father entitled “Pablo Escobar in Fraganti.” In an interview, Escobar’s son stated that his father worked for the CIA and that: “He did not make the money alone, but with US agencies that allowed him access to this money. He had direct relations with the CIA.” 

As well, former DEA agent Dennis Dayle stated: “In my 30 year history in the Drug Enforcement Administration and related agencies, the major targets of my investigation almost invariably turned out to be working for the CIA.” 

News flash: Your government is not here to help you or tell you the truth. Mandatory vaccinations are about culling the herd, not public health. 

“No servant is able to serve two masters, for either he shall hate the one and love the other, or else he shall cling to the one and despise the other. You are not able to serve YaHuWaH and mammon.”  (Luke 16:13)

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