The Murder of Sgt. Terrance Yeakey

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the Oklahoma City bombing and the murder of Sergeant Terrance Yeakey of the Oklahoma City Police Department. The point here is to expound upon the circumstances surrounding his death and events postmortem.

To recap what was covered: On April 19th, 1995, Sgt. Yeakey was within blocks of the Murrah building and quickly responded when it exploded by helping people to safety that were still in the building. During the course of the day he took note that police lines were already up behind the building when he arrived, ATF and FBI agents were also somehow on the scene within minutes, ATF agents were faking injuries as if they’d been inside the building when, in fact, no ATF personnel were in the building despite there being an ATF office inside the building. They had all been tipped off not to show up that morning. He also took note that the building had been blown up from the inside. The government’s version of reality was that a lone nut named Timothy McVeigh had blown the building up using a truck bomb. For one year Yeakey collected evidence proving the official story to be fraudulent and refused to capitulate to pressure from the top brass within the OCPD to conform to the McVeigh/Ryder truck story. His refusal to conform resulted in daily harassment and constant surveillance.

On May 8th, 1996, Terrance Yeakey’s body was found within one mile of his car and two miles from the El Reno penitentiary in El Reno, OK. His car was locked, full of blood, the seats unbolted, floorboards ripped up, and side panels removed. He had been handcuffed, dragged, and beaten. His wrists, arms, and throat had been slashed 11 times with the wounds being 2-3 inches deep. There was a bullet wound in his head with the entry point being in the right temple and exit wound being around the left earlobe. There was grass and dirt in his wounds indicating he’d been dragged either by people or vehicle. His car was never dusted for prints and no homicide investigation was conducted. This was ruled a suicide despite it obviously being a homicide conducted by a person or persons experienced in torture. Yeakey was 6′ 3″ and approximately 275 lbs. This was a merciless, demonic hit on an Oklahoma City police officer. How would the OCPD respond? 

Although this happened in El Reno, the OCPD and FBI took over the scene. If it really was a suicide, why would the FBI even be involved? They would be involved to control the narrative of suicide if it was a high level hit to be covered up. The Yeakey family immediately began asking questions and insisted he had not committed suicide. They were harassed and followed by OCPD officers and others. Detectives told his sister, Vikki Yeakey, that she was crazy and watched too much television. Unmarked cars sat in front of their houses for hours. Yeakey’s Ford Explorer’s brakes went out while his ex-wife Tonia was driving it. Although Tonia was his ex-wife, they had planned on remarrying. In the year after his death, she and their children had to move four times due to constant harassment. She once came home to the front door being off its hinges along with a “get well” card on the closet door in her bedroom. On another occasion her home was broken into and a balloon was left in the house with the words “we know where you are” written on it with black marker. She would receive messages on her answering machine of private conversations she’d had in her home. 

Some of the rank and file among the OCPD expressed outrage over the suicide ruling but they too became victims of stalking and harassment. One honorable man within the OCPD to speak out was Sgt. Don Browning. Browning testified before the Oklahoma County Grand Jury that the FBI, Police Chief Sam Gonzales, and Oklahoma City’s Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Larry Balding, conspired to have Yeakey’s death ruled a suicide when they knew full well he’d been murdered. Browning also testified that the FBI had advance knowledge of the bombing itself. Browning is featured in the documentary “A Noble Lie.” Collectively, the OCPD went along with the lie.

In what could have been an “I’m Spartacus” show of solidarity and defining moment for the OCPD, they instead cowed to the criminal overlords of the federal government/deep state and assisted in the cover up of Yeakey’s murder, assisted in the cover up of the truth of the biggest act of terrorism on American soil up to that point in time, and enabled the stalking and harassment of a grieivng family rightfully asking questions. Terrance Yeakey was murdered to protect the establishment itself. The Home of the Brave is hardly the case when criminals and frauds are exalted and praised while genuine heroes are murdered because their character did not jibe with the character of the system itself. The entirety of the case of this murder and cover-up is as despicable as it gets. It reveals that the police in the US are entirely beholden to the deep state/shadow government criminal cabal; and will protect, assist, and participate in any criminal endeavor when tasked to do so by elements of this cabal. Although justice may not come under this false system, everyone’s day of Judgment will indeed come.

“For whatever is hidden shall be revealed, and whatever is secret shall be known and come to light.”   (Luke 8:17)

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