Vaccines and Censorship

We are living in a time of increasing censorship. The land of the free is growing less and less free by the day. YouTube is removing more videos that do not jibe with the establishment narrative than ever before. Censorship is a hallmark characteristic of all systems of tyranny throughout history. Those that do not agree with the establishment narrative, or who expose the lies of any such system are labeled, fined, imprisoned, and killed. This is history and it is repeating itself now in the land of the once free.

Who fact checks the “fact checkers” and those who label things “misinformation?” We, the people need to do this.

One of the areas in which censorship is rapidly gaining a stronghold is the subject of vaccines. The establishment narrative is that vaccines are safe and effective, and that the science is settled on this matter. Any, and I mean any disagreement or questioning on this matter is immediately labeled as “medical misinformation.” Anyone who dares challenge the narrative is simply labeled as “anti-science,” or “anti-vax.” If it were really true, would there be the need to relentlessly hammer the “safe and effective” slogan into our collective consciousness? If one only follows the major media outlets regarding this subject, they would never know that there are many medical professionals worldwide, and a growing number of them at that, who not only question the safe and effective narrative but who are increasingly taking the position that the opposite is actually the truth. One such doctor is Richard Moskowitz, MD, who has stated: “It is dangerously misleading to say that vaccines make us “immune” or protect against disease, when in fact that is the exact opposite of the truth. Vaccines only drive disease deeper and cause us to harbor it chronically.” If this is not true, then Dr. Moskowitz is delusional for going against an established paradigm. If his statement is true, then this means vaccines are actually biological weapons and the establishment paradigm is false. And if they are biological weapons, is this by accident or design?

Another to consider is Tetyana Obukhanych, Ph.D. in immunology, Rockefeller University. She has written in her book Vaccine Illusion the following: “After years of doing research in immunology, observing scientific activities of my superiors, and analyzing vaccine issues, I realized that vaccination is one of the most deceptive inventions that science could ever convince the world to accept…” Again, if this statement is not true, then Dr. Obukhanych is delusional for going against what we are told is established science and fact about vaccines. If her statement is true however, it means most people are deceived as to the true nature of vaccines. Instead of engaging in the “anti-vax” labeling campaign against such doctors and people, let’s see the establishment send its best for live, uncensored public debates with credentialed professionals such as this. They don’t do it. They have backed down at the last minute from debates on different occasions with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.(who isn’t even a doctor). Why? Only the weight of the establishment narrative is on their side, and not the real science and truth. The safe and effective illusion would crumble if said debates actually happened live and uncensored on major news networks. 

On the subject of real science, Dr. James Meehan, MD, of Tulsa, OK has stated: “…The senior editors of the British Medical Journal and Lancet have both said about 85% of the medical research is fraudulent…” How is that possible? This happens when the studies and results are Pharma funded for Pharma benefit. Vaccines and chronic disease is big business and good health is not. Pharma products do not contribute to good health nor are they designed to. Dr. Meehan’s statement can be found on the Youtube channel “seek wisdom over gold” on the video entitled “Jim Meehan, MD: The Fraudulent Nature of Medical Research and Vaccine Science.” Please, do your own research while we still have access to this information: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)   (that’s .ca, not .com)

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