FBI Secrets: An Agent’s Expose

M. Wesley Swearingen was an FBI Special Agent from 1951-1977, and in 1995 published a book entitled “FBI Secrets: An Agent’s Expose.” Swearingen is among only a handful of ex-FBI to have the courage and integrity to blow the whistle on the criminality he witnessed while in the Bureau.

Swearingen admits to having taken part in many “black bag jobs,” as he called them, which were illegal break-ins to people’s residences and businesses that were considered by the FBI to have unacceptable political viewpoints, or to be associated with an organization of the like. The bag jobs were meant to gather intelligence/information and were presented to the agents by the higher brass that it was necessary to violate the Constitution for national security. Swearingen bought into this as he admits to idolizing longtime FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. He later documented 500 bag jobs against more than 50 targets between 1952-1957 in Chicago alone. He makes clear through the book that lying and corruption were so pervasive and part of the daily routine that he adapted to this in order to function as an Agent, but had always wanted to be a crime fighter which was why he had joined in the first place. Some may say that Swearingen lacked integrity for his acquiescence to this, and he does indeed admit that he lacked the guts to take a stand or blow the whistle while a Special Agent. He feared retribution because government whistleblowers have never been treated kindly and are sometimes met with a fatal “accident,” or wind up suicided. That being said, let’s look at what this insider later revealed about the real workings of an agency with the motto of: Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity.

On page 26 Swearingen writes of a Security Index, which was a “secret FBI list of subversives who were to be arrested in the event of a national emergency.” Subversives does not mean criminals, terrorists, or truly dangerous people. It means political dissidents. This is important to note because the same thing exists now, and it is not only the FBI with watchlists of “subversives” but the Department of Homeland Security(DHS) as well. Today’s political dissidents are medical professionals who publicly advocate for medical freedom, soccer moms who speak out at school board meetings against mask mandates or the teaching of critical race theory, journalists like James O’ Keefe of Project Veritas because he is particularly adept at exposing government corruption, whistleblowers of any kind, and conservatives in general. The FBI has always been more of a domestic intelligence agency than a crime fighting agency. Swearingen writes on page 110: “Very few citizens know the extent to which the FBI has gone to control our society…”

On pages 82-83, Swearingen writes that FBI Agents arranged for the assassination of Alprentice Carter and John Huggins, both members of the Los Angeles Black Panthers, by FBI informants on January 17th, 1969. Darthard Perry, an admitted FBI informant, claims that the informants who had committed the murders were convicted and sent to San Quentin prison in 1969, but made their escape in an FBI engineered prison break in 1974. Sylvester Bell was another Black Panther murdered by FBI informants at the behest of their handlers on August 15th, 1969. There are other examples of orchestrated assassination as well.

On December 18th, 1968, Kenneth and Caroline Olson were attacked in Santa Monica, CA, by two black men. Caroline was shot and killed but Kenneth survived. Kenneth was pressured by the LAPD to identify Elmer Pratt, the leader of the Los Angeles Black Panthers, as the gunmen. Kenneth identified three other suspects as the gunmen but the LAPD and FBI wanted Pratt for the crime. Julius Carl Butler was an informer for the LAPD and FBI for years and told them that Pratt had confessed to him that he had killed Olson. However, this was a personal vendetta on the part of Butler and he lied. The Los Angeles FBI had wiretap logs proving that Elmer Pratt was in San Francisco hours before the shooting of Caroline Olson and that he was also there the day after the murder. As well, the San Francisco FBI had a wiretap log on Panther headquarters there and also placed Pratt in the Bay area just before the shooting. The FBI withheld all this information at Pratt’s trial because he had been targeted under the counterintelligence program COINTELPRO to be neutralized; meaning discredited, imprisoned, or assassinated. After serving 25 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, Pratt’s conviction was overturned and he was released on June 10th, 1997 with the help of Centurion Ministries, a non-profit organization dedicated to investigating wrongful convictions. In a case like this, the LAPD were just following their orders from their federal bosses to help frame a man for murder and attempt to put him away for life.  

Regarding these kinds of operations, Swearingen writes on page 104: “I knew then that the whole security intelligence operation of the FBI was no better than Adolph Hitler’s Gestapo. The only difference was that the Gestapo did not pretend to be the good guys in white hats. The Gestapo wore black, and they were proud.” 

COINTELPRO was officially in operation from 1956-1971, but Swearingen writes it is still in operation under different names. It goes by names today such as Infragard. The program has always been to neutralize anyone deemed an enemy of the state. The enemies of the state at the time were anti-war activists, teachers, professors, writers, doctors, lawyers, scientists. Anyone that held unacceptable political viewpoints and had the power and wherewithal to influence others. With today’s technology, the modern day COINTELPRO operations are particularly stealth and lethal. Another FBI whistleblower to attest to this is Geral Sosbee, a Special Agent from 1971-1978.

In a sworn affidavit in Cameron county, TX, on March 14th, 2014, Sosbee writes: “For the past 25 years, the FBI has engaged in a vendetta or revenge campaign against me for my reporting crimes committed by the FBI during my service as a Special Agent in the FBI and thereafter. The illegal and criminal assaults by the FBI against me include a 24/7 surveillance and assaults by Directed Energy Weaponry, chemicals, psychological operations, and occasional assault and battery by street thugs in the employ of the FBI. Also, the FBI has attempted on some occasions to end my life by causes that may appear to be natural.”

On the final page of the book, M. Wesley Swearingen leaves us with these final words:

“Not until the FBI is forced to tell the truth will the citizens of the United States of America be safe from the national police force the FBI controls and the COINTELPRO it secretly continues to operate. May God have mercy on those who disbelieve.” 

This is an example of the system of mammon that Yahushua(Jesus) refers to Luke 16:13 and Matthew 6:24. You can’t serve the Almighty and mammon. Choose one or the other.

“For whatever is hidden shall be revealed, and whatever is secret shall be known and come to light.”  (Luke 8:17)

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