What Really Happened in Jonestown?

First off, this writing is not about racial issues or race relations in any way. It is about a historical event that involved the mass death of over 900 Americans that the American people have not been told the truth about.

The official version of history is that 913 primarily black Americans committed mass suicide in a compound known as Jonestown in the jungles of the South American country of Guyana on November 18th, 1978.

They were part of a religious cult known as The People’s Temple under the complete control of their charismatic leader Jim Jones, who convinced them to commit suicide by drinking poison laced Kool-Aid. Jones then allegedly shot himself in the early morning hours of November 19th. 

The CIA had opened a file on Jones long before Jonestown, perhaps because he was indeed a cult leader who was practicing faith healing, voodoo, and ESP; and perhaps for his eventual incorporation into the CIA. Jones established The People’s Temple in 1965 in Ukiah, CA, and then moved it to San Francisco. He was very well connected and despite numerous reports of defectors being murdered, sexual abuse, and people being defrauded out of money and possessions, Jones was protected by the power structure. He moved The People’s Temple to Jonestown in 1977.

The land on which the compound of Jonestown sat had been purchased in 1974 by George Phillip Blakey, a CIA operative, and had been used by the CIA to train black mercenaries in what was known as “The Shalom Project” for warfare in Angola. Jones did not have to set up camp so to speak, the camp was ready and waiting. 

San Francisco based US Congressman Leo Ryan had authored and initiated legislation, The Hughes-Ryan amendment, which stipulated that the CIA must disclose to Congress the details of their covert operations. Ryan suspected Jonestown was perhaps a CIA medical/mind control operation under project MK-ULTRA, and repeatedly asked the State Department for any and all information about the goings on down there. They refused to cooperate with Ryan’s requests for information, and instead provided Jim Jones information about all of Ryan’s inquiries. Ryan and others arrived in Jonestown unannounced on November 17th for their own investigation. Included in Ryan’s entourage was State Dept. Representative Richard Dwyer, who also happened to be undercover CIA. Some members of the cult were allowed to leave with Ryan but at the local airport on November 18th, a group of gunmen opened fire on the group, killing Congressman Ryan, 2 NBC crewmen, and 2 others. The Hughes-Ryan legislation conveniently died in Congress soon after Ryan’s death.

In the early morning hours of November 19th, a CIA radio channel reported a mass suicide had taken place in Jonestown. Initially, the number of bodies reported by the Guyanese authorities was 408. Over the course of the next week, the official count came to 913. The explanation that bodies were lying under other bodies for this discrepancy does not pan out. This was apparently an experiment to see if people could be brainwashed to commit mass suicide but they didn’t, and instead fled. The 500 plus people who attempted to flee into the jungles were caught and executed by, in all likelihood, US and British special forces who were, coincidentally, on “training missions” in the area at the time. They were then brought back and laid face down and the scene was staged to appear as a peaceful mass suicide. It was also widely reported that heavily armed white soldiers guarded Jonestown prior to the event. The bodies were left to rot in the sun for a week, making it difficult to later conduct autopsies and determine what had really happened. They were eventually sent back to the US by the military and the majority cremated.

What has been edited out of official history is that the top Chief Medical Examiner of Guyana, Dr. Leslie Mootoo, examined the bodies on site and determined that approximately 80% of them had been forcibly injected from behind in their left shoulder blade with cyanide, and that the rest of them had been either shot or strangled to death. Jonestown was a mass murder, not a mass suicide. Also, there was a sophisticated hospital in Jonestown where people received daily medical “check-ups.” There were enough drugs at the site to drug the capital of Georgetown. The drugs included quaaludes, valium, morphine, demerol, sodium pentathol(truth serum), cyanide, and thorazine. All these drugs were known to have been used in previous MK-ULTRA experiments. A medical facility and abundance of drugs such as this on site strongly indicates involvement of high levels of the power structure and something beyond the scope of one cult leader like Jim Jones.

At a press conference on May 23rd, 1980, former Aide to Congressman Ryan, Joseph Holsinger, stated: “I received a lot of documentation, which I provide for you here today,  that indicates the strong possibility that Jonestown and The People’s Temple was, in reality, a mass mind control experiment conducted by the CIA as a follow up to MK-ULTRA.”  Holsinger also cited a 1979 article entitled “The Penal Colony” by Berkeley psychologist Richard Ofshe. From this article: “There can be no doubt that the control of the human mind and behavior, of individuals, groups and entire populations has been a top priority and central strategy of US intelligence agencies for 30 years. MK-ULTRA coordinated 149 projects involving thousands of experiments and operations on prisoners, mental patients, and others in the US and elsewhere. Tens of thousands of people were subjects of experimentation against their will or knowledge. The research of hundreds of scientists was coordinated, unknown to them, by CIA front organizations. Every possible technique for influencing people against their will or knowledge was tested.”

20 months after Leo Ryan’s death, his 5 adult children filed a lawsuit alleging that Jonestown was infiltrated with agents of the Central Intelligence Agency and using it as an MK-ULTRA experiment. Also, that Richard Dwyer of the CIA knew and did not inform Ryan of this before going down, although Ryan suspected it. This suit of course went nowhere because to acknowledge it as valid exposes the entire system of being a massive criminal enterprise. The major media and the rest of government covered for Jim Jones and this operation, before and after the fatal event, demonstrating the interconnected nature of the system. It is also worth noting that the masterminds behind the birth of MK-ULTRA were Nazi scientists that were incorporated into US intelligence after World War 2. 

Recommended reading: 1) “Was Jonestown a CIA Medical Experiment? A Review of the Evidence” by Michael Meiers 2) “The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World” by Douglas Valentine

“For YaHuWaH shall bring every work into judgment, including all that is hidden, whether good or whether evil.”   (Ecclesiastes 12:14)

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