Child Protective Services: A Criminal Enterprise

Tue, Jun 14, 4:07 PM

Back in November, I wrote about a Georgia State Senator named Nancy Schaefer who investigated the deep corruption within the national program of Child Protective Services, as well as corresponding state level equivalents. Mrs. Schaefer served as state senator from 2004-2008 and wrote a report which can be found online entitled “The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services.”

Mrs. Schaefer concluded that what CPS really is is a protected criminal empire that financially incentivizes caseworkers to separate children from their parents, without the intent of reuniting them. Just as we have entered Orwell’s 1984 with attempts at government programs such as the “Disinformation Governance Board,” the title of Child Protective Services has nothing to do with the protection of children at all. Children are far higher likely to be the victims of sexual abuse and murder when legally kidnapped by the state, and are often funneled into trafficking rings. The trafficking of children is a highly lucrative business and one in which the ruling class is deeply involved in, and is in fact the precise reason why CPS even exists. Under the guise of “safety” and “protection” is how evil and tyranny works.

Schaefer contacted state senators in every state to help her in the fight against the massively corrupt beast that is CPS, only to be told by them all that no, they couldn’t or wouldn’t help in this fight because they would lose their jobs. Never mind the destruction of people’s lives by this kidnapping cartel, their precious jobs mattered more. Schaefer, however, knew that there are things worth losing a Senate seat over, which she did lose for her report. Schaefer was taking the information she’d uncovered to the international stage and working on a documentary about the matter when, on March 26th, 2010, she and her husband were murdered in their Habersham County, GA, home. Immediately ruled a murder-suicide, but in reality a professional hit to silence a fearless warrior with clout in the pursuit of truth and justice. Nancy Schaefer was exactly the kind of person the criminal power structure fears and hates. To paraphrase Martin Luther King, Jr., if a man has nothing he is willing to die for, it is a life not worth living. 

In any criminal organization, if a member or members go around boasting of their activities or drawing unnecessary attention to the organization, they will face the consequences of doing so. This was the case in July of 2020 when several employees of the Yavapai county, Arizona Department of Child Safety, Arizona’s state level equivalent of CPS, were fired for showing up to work proudly wearing shirts that read “Professional Kidnapper.” Although it’s understood that that is what they’re doing, they evidently did not understand you’re not supposed to advertise this but instead promote the idea that they really are in the business of child welfare and safety. 

Carlos Morales worked as a special investigator for Texas CPS in San Antonio from February 2012 to March 2013. He had seen child abuse in his life and wanted to do something to help the problem. When he became a CPS investigator however, he realized this was not about helping children at all. The caseworkers had received very little training and the whole system, from the national level on down, is set up to financially incentivize the removal of children from their homes, to be funneled into foster homes as well as oftentimes into national and international trafficking rings. Morales is the author of the book “Legally Kidnapped: The Case Against Child Protective Services,” in which he writes that children are six times more likely to die in foster homes than even in abusive households. Something else that many Americans may not know, according to Morales in the book, is that: “What you must understand is that according to the US government, a parent does not own the rights to care for their child. Instead, the true responsibility for childcare belongs to the state.” 

Child care, according to the state, is to have children drugged on pharmaceuticals, loaded up with mercury and aluminum laden vaccines, and essentially dumbed down to the point that they cannot think for themselves and are nothing other than mindless slaves for the state. “Anti-vaxxers” and homeschooling parents are given bad press because they know how to raise their kids intelligently and with proper care. Morales stated that the vast majority of removals from homes is not because of physical or sexual abuse, but because of drugs. Anyone can make any accusation against you regarding drugs or your child, and CPS can then come in and “investigate,” which means to try to coerce the children into giving statements against their parents, thereby justifying removal. Morales stated that one of their tactics was to try to get parents to admit to any drug use, which could have been in college or on a weekend with friends when the kids weren’t around. This then would constitute “emotional and physical neglect” and justify removal. The phony drug war is a leveraged weapon against parental rights when it comes to CPS. If there really were a war on drugs, the southern border would have always been secure and the CIA would not be nicknamed the Cocaine Import Agency. There is no war on drugs; the war is on humanity.

Morales goes on to state that CPS workers get a review every month. The more removals that can be credited to them, the more of a raise they will receive. Caseworkers who work to keep families united are considered “lazy.” Not only is it the workers who benefit financially, but multiple actors and agencies including judges, attorneys, and politicians. It is, as Nancy Schaefer stated, a protected criminal empire. What has been covered here is actually very tame regarding CPS. I have listened to numerous testimonies from parents about their horrific, long and drawn out experiences of what most would consider incomprehensible levels of injustice. Children are procured by the state and their lives, along with that of their mother and father, are destroyed.

One other state senator worth noting is the late Linda Collins-Smith. Collins-Smith was an Arkansas State Senator from 2015-2019 and was investigating the corruption involving Arkansas CPS and how it was connected to the rest of the Arkansas power structure. In early June of 2019, Collins-Smith was found dead at her home. Some reports say she had been shot but according to wikipedia, she had been stabbed to death. A woman, who had been a long time associate named Rebecca Lynn O’Donnell, was charged and convicted of the crime. It has never been clear what the motive was, and I also find it strange for a woman to stab another woman to death. Any honest investigator would look at this case and ask the question “who benefits?” Who benefits is the Arkansas power structure that she was investigating. Her investigation simply didn’t get as far as Nancy Schaefer’s did. Kidnapping is a serious offense and according to the law of the Most High God of Israel….

“And he who kidnaps a man and sells him, or if he is found in his hand, shall certainly be put to death.”  (Exodus 21:16) 

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