FBI: The Loss of Credibility

In a letter from Jim Jordan, US representative from Ohio and ranking member of the House oversight Committee, to FBI director Christopher Wray, dated July 27th, 2022, Jordan informs Wray that FBI whistleblowers from multiple field offices have come forward with information that the top brass within the FBI are pressuring agents and employees to falsify statistics and data regarding domestic violent extremism(DVE).

The narrative being promoted by the deep state/shadow government is that white patriotic conservatives, often dubbed “white supremacists” or “white nationalists,” are a grave threat to national security and the primary domestic terrorist threat to the country. The FBI’s job is to confirm and enforce this presupposition by making it appear to be real, thereby justifying the demonization of the very people who oppose the philosophy of the deep state/shadow government as enemies of the state.

In Jordan’s letter, the justification for labeling such Americans as enemies of the state is being done in the following manner: “We have received accusations(from whistleblowers) that FBI agents are bolstering the number of cases of DVEs to satisfy their superiors. For example, one whistleblower explained that because agents are not finding enough DVE cases, they are encouraged and incentivized to reclassify cases as DVE cases even though there is minimal, circumstantial evidence to support their reclassification.” And also, that: “…multiple whistleblowers have disclosed how the Biden FBI is conducting a purge of FBI employees holding conservative views.” The letter goes on, explaining the above in greater detail, but the simple point is that the FBI is manufacturing data to demonize the political dissidents of the day: conservative Americans who believe in an “America first” philosophy. Although the FBI could be the world’s premiere law enforcement agency, they are instead the enforcers and bullies for the deep state criminal cabal that is rapidly destroying this country. In addition to falsifying data, the FBI has a long history of staging incidents and manufacturing events to justify any given narrative that they have been tasked with to make real. A recent example of this is the alleged plot of white extremists to kidnap Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer, all of which was an FBI operation.

Senior US Senator from Iowa, Chuck Grassley, also recently addressed Director Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland regarding the FBI’s protection of real criminals like Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden, in a letter dated July 25th, 2022. It is evident that many within the FBI are fed up with working for the corrupt organization as Grassley wrote: “If these allegations are true and accurate, the Justice Department and FBI are-and have been-institutionally corrupted to their very core to the point in which the United States Congress and the American people will have no confidence in the equal application of the law. Attorney General Garland and Director Wray, simply put, based on the allegations that I’ve received from numerous whistleblowers, you have systemic and existential problems within your agencies.” It is assumed that the FBI is a crime fighting agency, but they are not. They have the capability to be so, but their role is in intelligence, and the persecution of political dissidents. It matters not how much evidence exists that Hunter Biden is a pedophile; he is a protected entity because of his alliance with the criminal power structure which the FBI protects and serves.

The FBI has recently made it known that they intend to conduct an audit in Missouri counties for people holding concealed carry permits. Missouri state law states that it is not the federal government’s business as to who has a concealed carry weapons(CCW) permit. In a letter to Director Christopher Wray dated July 13th, 2022, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt makes clear that he will not stand for it: “You may wonder why there is such strong suspicion in the Show-Me-State…over the last couple of years, we’ve seen story after story of incompetence and corruption at the highest levels of the FBI. Our trust in your agency is at an all time low…Missourians have concluded that the FBI leadership in Washington DC has been weaponized for political gain.” And finally, to conclude the letter: “I will fight you tooth and nail with all the resources that the people of Missouri have given me as their Attorney General.” 

As well, multiple Missouri County sheriffs have publicly stated that they will not allow the FBI to infringe on the privacy and rights of the citizens in their respective counties regarding CCW permits. Buchanan County sheriff Bill Puett stated: “Of course, that is prohibited by Missouri law, and the sheriffs are adamant that we’re going to protect our citizens’ rights because that’s what they voted for and that’s what we stand for.” Scotland County sheriff Bryan Whitney wrote in a July 18th letter that: “I want all my citizens to know that I will not allow, cooperate or release any CCW information to the FBI, even at the threat of federal arrest.” That’s the way to do it. There is no complying our way out of tyranny. Every letter I have cited and quoted from can easily be found online.

Corruption and criminality within the Bureau is nothing new. It has always been there but is being revealed more and more as time goes on. I wrote in March of an FBI agent from 1951-1977 named M.Wesley Swearingen who wrote a book entitled “FBI Secrets: An Agent’s Expose,” in which he details his involvement, as an FBI agent, with numerous break-ins to homes and businesses to gather intel on political enemies of the state, the FBI’s orchestrated assassination of members of the Black Panthers, as well as the FBI’s framing of men for murders they didn’t commit. On page 104 of that book, Swearingen writes regarding these things: “…the whole security intelligence operation of the FBI was no better than Adolph Hitler’s Gestapo. The only difference was that the Gestapo did not pretend to be the good guys in white hats.”

Here we have members of the US House of Representatives and the US Senate, a State Attorney General, MO County sheriffs, and current and former FBI agents exposing the FBI for who and what they really are and always have been: frauds. The FBI has power and might, but it is the only thing they have. Credibility, and their motto of Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity are characteristics that are sorely lacking within the FBI. The only bravery and integrity coming from the Bureau are the agents willing to blow the whistle on the corruption and criminality that exist within it.

Just as the emperor who wears no clothes, the organization(FBI) that serves and protects such an emperor(deep state criminal power structure), also wears no clothes. The wearing of no clothes refers to one being found out as a fraud. It is a Biblical concept and is spoken of by Yahushua(Jesus), the Messiah Himself, in the book of Revelation. In red lettering in the KJV:

“Behold, I am coming as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked and they see his shame.”   (Revelation 16:15)

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