Racism in America: The Other Side of the Story

My earliest memory in life is my parents opening the front door to our new apartment in Columbia upon moving from Illinois in 1973. I was later told that they were reluctant to raise me in South Carolina due to the history of white racism in the South. I was taught growing up that it was OK to have friends of different races, and I did. I was also taught who Martin Luther King, Jr. was and of his enduring philosophy that a person should be judged by the content of their character, and not the color of their skin.

This resonated as perfect common sense and is always a simple philosophy I have adhered to. Certainly during King’s time, white racism and black victimization was a very real and ugly reality in this country. King was real, and was unafraid to call it just like it was. However, if he were alive today and observed the narrative being shoved down our throats of white racism and black victimization by the entire power structure of government, mass media, and academia, I guarantee you he would be the most vocal opponent of it. Why? Not because of his approach of non-violence to the issue, which is quite the contrast to the conduct of Black Lives Matter, but for the simple, obvious, and straightforward reason that it is total, utter nonsense.

Let’s start with the notion that there is “systemic racism” directed at blacks in this country today. During the 50’s and 60’s , systemic racism against blacks was real, which means the whole system stood in opposition to them having equal rights. Systemic racism means the system itself is in opposition to a particular race, and if this truly in effect, that system, as a collective voice, will not be acknowledging their target as being victims of racism at all, but will instead be constantly promoting ideas and propaganda of how that race is somehow a cancer and drain on the rest of society. What we have been seeing for years now is the portrayal of blacks as victims of rampant racism and the denigration of white people as being inherently defective because of their alleged inherent racism. The real systemic racism in any society is directed at the group that is labeled as bad or problematic in any given way. The adjective of “black” would not now be capitalized while “white” remains lower case if genuine systemic racism against blacks existed. Per proper English, both adjectives would remain lower case unless beginning a sentence, unless one race were symbolically being placed beneath the other.

The attempt to implement the teaching of Critical Race Theory in our nation’s schools is nothing other than the attempt to institutionalize the official recognition of white people as being inherently flawed in who they are because of their inherent racism. This is how real racism works; when the system gets behind the banner of “science” in its justification for the defamation and downgrading of an entire race of people.

Let’s examine the 1992 Los Angeles riots and how that compares to what we’ve seen recently with Black Lives Matter. What initiated the LA riots was the filming of the beating of Rodney King by four LAPD officers on March 3rd, 1991. The officers were later acquitted which triggered the riots on April 29th, 1992. It must be noted that King had led the officers on a high speed chase, resisted arrest when finally stopped, was unaffected by a taser, and tried to attack one of the officers. Had he cooperated, none of it would have happened and the worst riots in US history would have never taken place in LA. The officers were trying to subdue an out of control King high on what they believed was PCP. They weren’t beating a black man just because they could. The difference between these riots in LA and what has taken place in recent years involving Black Lives Matter is that LA was a real, organic event. It was not a government sponsored, contrived, and scripted event. It was massive in scope regarding infrastructure damage, injury, and loss of human life. Despite this, it was contained within three days when Bush declared the insurrection act and brought in the military to restore order. Black Lives Matter, however, is funded to the tune of millions of dollars by big moneyed interests like George Soros, and when they hit the streets, police are told to stand down, or only engage them in a very soft way. If police were allowed to do their jobs in places like Minneapolis, Atlanta, Baltimore, Portland, and Seattle, the rioting and violence that did take place would have been contained in a much shorter time frame. Black Lives Matter is a government sponsored proxy army, and is encouraged and allowed to create mayhem so as to make a spectacle of the alleged gross injustices being perpetrated against blacks, thereby fueling the narrative of white racism/black victimization. If systemic racism were the case, BLM would be ruthlessly put down when they hit the streets, blocked traffic, and intimidated motorists. Instead, we see just the opposite and their blocking of traffic is allowed and oftentimes assisted by police. Police chiefs wouldn’t be ordering their men to stand down and cooperate with this unless higher elements of power were ordering the police chiefs to cooperate with it.

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security(DHS)  claim that white supremacy is one of the biggest threats regarding domestic terrorism. This is totally untrue, and these claims are what systemic racism truly looks like. Are we supposed to believe white racism/white supremacy is a bigger social problem in this country than street gangs in any major city? I have heard estimates of there being 150,000 gang members in Chicago alone. That number is more than the populations of Abbeville, Greenwood, Laurens, and McCormick counties combined. And those 150,000 are not white racists.

One final point: Former Abbeville Opera House director Jimmy Burdette was fired from his job because of a Facebook post picturing a Confederate flag that

evidently offended a black woman in Iowa. If the roles were reversed, and Jimmy Burdette were black and the woman from Iowa were white, black Jimmy Burdette would have never lost his job and the white woman from Iowa would be the one denounced as a racist. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. This double standard is unacceptable and this phony narrative of white racism/black victimization is a cancer on American society. This narrative is a divide and conquer strategy. The media and government are not trying to “solve” the problem of racism, but rather to incite, provoke, and exacerbate the problem. The media only reports sensational incidents of white on black crime but never reports black on white crime, as if it doesn’t exist. They are stoking racial tension and attempting to divide people all while the implementation of totalitarian world governance is what is really taking place. 

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