The Franklin Cover Up

The story of the Franklin cover up is not an isolated incident. This story represents a microcosm of what was going on across America during the 80’s and 90’s, when much information of this nature began to come to light, as well as now. If anything, things have gotten much worse for one reason: the entire system is corrupt beyond repair, and beyond what most people care to comprehend.

The word “corrupt” is actually a gross understatement. This is a glimpse into how the system really works in this country, thanks to the dedication of Vietnam veteran, former Nebraska state senator, and attorney John DeCamp. The entirety of this story can be found in DeCamp’s book: “The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska,” originally published in 1992, with a second edition in 1996. It is available online in pdf version. As well, the documentary film “Conspiracy of Silence” is a condensed version of events and can be found on and Elements of both the Republican and Democratic parties are equally involved in this corruption, then and now, and this writing is not meant to point the finger at one party while elevating another.

Throughout the 1980’s, a man named Larry King(not the talk show host) was the general manager of the Franklin Federal Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska. King had taken over the failing credit union and helped rebuild it, establishing accounts and connections with all the powerful elements of industry in Omaha. King was also considered at the time to be a “rising star” within the Republican party and was one time leader of the National Black Republican Council. King was entrusted with millions of dollars from the wealthy and well connected within Omaha and also owned other businesses. In 1988, King was arrested and convicted for the embezzlement of 40 million dollars from the credit union, having lived a lavish lifestyle with these millions up to that point.

One entity that King developed accounts with was Boys Town, a village established in 1917 originally for orphans. Boys Town eventually took in girls as well as boys who had been abandoned, were destitute, or at risk in some way. King used a teenager named Paul Bonacci to lure and procure children and teenagers from Boys Town to bring them to parties King would host in Omaha and a house he had in Washington, DC. King’s theft from the credit union provided him the lifestyle of throwing sex parties in Omaha and Washington, DC, as well as owning planes. Children and teenagers were brought to King’s parties through his connections with Boys Town and sexually abused as well as given drugs. They were also flown around the country by way of his planes in a nationwide trafficking and prostitution ring for the purposes of sex and the blackmail of politicians and others. King’s partners in crime in Omaha were department store billionaire Alan Baer and Peter Citron of Omaha’s newspaper, the Omaha World-Herald. Bonacci himself was a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of King and many others. According to DeCamp, the story starts in Boys Town and goes to the White House where children were used for sex, as drug couriers, for the blackmail of politicians, as well as to be used in snuff films.

Allegations of these crimes eventually began to surface and Carol Stitt, of the Foster Care Review Board, handed the reports over to authorities but nothing happened. She stated that the reports were not pursued because the allegations coming from the children involved powerful pedophiles from industry, the media, politicians, and the Omaha PD. She reported the stories to elements within the Nebraska Legislature and private investigators Gary Caradori and Karen Ormiston were hired to investigate. They found story after story of the same thing of children being sexually abused by powerful elements within Omaha and Washington, DC. Interviews with Bonacci as well as Alisha Owen by Caradori can be found online. Alisha Owen and Paul Bonacci were the only two children who refused to recant their stories as all the others were intimidated into silence by the perpetrators themselves with threats of murdering them and/or their families if they talked. They were also intimidated into silence by local and federal law enforcement with perjury charges and jail if they did not recant their stories of abuse at the hands of the wealthy and well connected. Alisha Owen’s brother was in fact murdered because of her refusal to recant and she was eventually sent to prison for 4 and 1/2 years for “perjury.” Owen claimed she was sexually abused by Omaha police chief Robert Wadman multiple times.

Investigator Gary Caradori was dedicated to the truth on these matters and he traveled to Chicago to obtain crucial evidence. On his return trip, his single engine plane crashed in a cornfield in Illinois on July 11th, 1990, killing him and his 8 year old son. All of his documentation relating to the case was missing as well as the FBI confiscating all his material from his office in Nebraska. State senator Loran Schmit had earlier contacted attorney and former colleague John DeCamp on how to proceed. DeCamp immediately suggested handing over all evidence and allegations to the FBI. After this, the media came out in a bold campaign to discredit all the witnesses to this abuse and painted the victims as criminals. Carol Stitt stated regarding the media’s coverage: “The whole purpose of the stories was to destroy the credibility of the youths” and that they “…never looked for anything that would support the allegations.” 

Regarding the FBI’s involvement with this case, DeCamp states in the aforementioned film “Conspiracy of Silence” the following: “You literally have to have bricks for brains to take on the FBI in this country, and that’s exactly what you have to do to do this properly. They now, in my opinion, in my investigation, are the architects of the cover up.” And also, in another area of the film states: “Obviously the FBI was protecting something a lot more significant than a bunch of old pedophiles…they were protecting, in my opinion, some very prominent politicians, some very powerful and wealthy individuals associated with these politicians in the political system, up to and including the highest political people in the entire country.”

John DeCamp also happened to be friends with former CIA director William Colby, with whom a conversation is recounted in the foreword of his book. Colby encouraged DeCamp to be very careful prior to his writing of the book while pursuing this matter and matters like it. He knew full well harm could come to DeCamp but also let him know that publicity, by way of a book, could help protect him and his family. Colby passed DeCamp’s evidence to a senior lawyer in the Justice Department and later died in 1996 in what was officially ruled a canoeing accident. Many believe Colby’s death to be a professional hit because the location where his body was found had already been searched multiple times before it suddenly showed up. 

Alisha Owen and Paul Bonacci have never recanted their stories, even under threat of jail or death. Bonacci was eventually awarded a 1 million dollar settlement against Larry King with DeCamp as his attorney. Larry King served 10 years for embezzlement of funds from the credit union but all the allegations of child abuse and the murder of children was never pursued by the establishment at any level. DeCamp stated that all that is needed for these crimes to flourish in this country is for the media, law enforcement, and the judicial system to be compromised and beholden to serving the interests of the ruling class instead of the people or the institution of Justice.

“Howl, for the day of YaHuWaH is near! it comes as a destruction from the Almighty. Therefore all hands go limp, every man’s heart melts, and they shall be afraid. Pangs and sorrows take hold of them, they are in pain as a woman in labour; they are amazed at one another, their faces aflame! See, the day of YaHuWaH is coming, fierce, with wrath and heat of displeasure, to lay the earth waste, and destroy its sinners from it.”   (Isaiah 13:6-9)

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