TWA Flight 800

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”   Thomas Jefferson

On July 17th, 1996, Trans World Airlines flight 800 took off from JFK International airport in New York City at approximately 8:19 pm, bound for Paris, France. At 8:31 pm, while flying over the water but visible from Long Island, the TWA 747 exploded and crashed into the sea, killing all 230 people on board. According to wikipedia, this is the 3rd deadliest aviation accident in US history. Official history tells us that the National Transportation and Safety Board(NTSB), along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) conducted a thorough and honest investigation into the event and came to the conclusion that the explosion was due to flammable fuel and air vapors in a fuel tank, and that the likely ignition source was a short circuit. 

Let me pose these questions. Regarding an event of this magnitude, if it were due to government negligence, or an accidental or intentional missile strike from the US military or NATO, do you think the government would admit it, or cover it up? Does the government ever admit wrongdoing or to its mistakes when it results in the deaths of Americans? Rest assured, if this were an accidental or intentional missile strike, there would be a cover-up. As always, any theories outside of the accepted official story are labeled by the establishment as “conspiracy theory.” It is important to note that there are no other examples in history of the aforementioned official explanation ever happening in another jet.

There were over 700 eyewitnesses to this event and at least 100 of them stated to have witnessed a streak from the earth, or water, shoot upward and merge with the plane, resulting in the explosion and subsequent descent into the sea. This streak was believed by the witnesses to be a surface to air missile strike. One such witness was Air National Guard pilot Major Fritz Meyer, who witnessed the event from his helicopter above Long Island. Meyer, a Vietnam veteran, stated that: “It was definitely a rocket, and what I saw explode in the sky was definitely military ordnance. I have enough experience with it to know what it looks like.” Meyer saw four explosions and stated: “the explosion of the fuel was the last event, not the initiating event. The initiating event was a high velocity explosion, not fuel. It was ordnance.” The definition of ordnance is: military weapons, ammunition, and equipment used in connection with them.

Another witness was Dwight Brumley, a Senior Navy Non-Commisioned Officer, who was on board US Air flight 217 and witnessed not one, but two missiles hit TWA flight 800 within one second of each other. Other eyewitnesses on the ground also claim to have seen two strikes on the plane.

Commander William S. Donaldson, retired US Navy, who also flew 89 combat missions in Vietnam, stated that there was a ship directly beneath flight 800 at the time of the explosion that the US government claims they have never been able to identify. This ship, according to Donaldson, left the scene and that this is something that is never done, especially during such a catastrophic event as this. This was one of the greatest air disasters in history and this unknown ship fled the scene. Perhaps because this is exactly where the missile strike came from. 

Despite these eyewitnesses claiming to have seen a missile strike, or a streak come from the sea and hit the plane resulting in the explosion, the NTSB never allowed them to testify at any NTSB hearing. As well, The FBI tailored all of their reports to conform to the theory of what would become the official explanation. Some witnesses even claimed they found out the FBI had fabricated interviews with them that never took place, falsifying their testimony so as to support the false narrative and suppress the testimony about a missile strike. 

On August 15th, 2000, The Washington Times carried a full page ad from the TWA 800 Eyewitnesses Alliance demanding they be heard. The ad claims the FBI and NTSB have lied to the American public and that hundreds of people saw a missile shoot down TWA flight 800. “We don’t know who launched them but we know that for some reason our government has lied and tried to discredit all of us to keep that question from being addressed. The FBI, the CIA, and the NTSB must not be allowed to get away with this cover-up by defamation of the eyewitnesses.”

Terrell Stacy was a TWA pilot who sometimes flew the same plane, flight 800. Stacy knew there was a cover-up in progress and took it upon himself to take from the recovered wreckage some seat samples. He gave these seat samples to retired police officer turned investigative reporter, James Sanders. The FBI had taken similar samples and had them analyzed but never shared the results. The samples Sanders received were analyzed in a California lab, and the elements identified by the lab were consistent with residue from a missile or warhead explosion. The NTSB knew there was bomb/missile residue throughout the plane and claimed this was because of a dog bomb sniffing exercise which had been conducted on this plane. Sanders states however, that the exercise in question was conducted on another TWA plane and that the government and FBI knew this. The FBI arrested James Sanders and his wife for receiving the seat material and the jury was not allowed to hear the fact that Sanders was a journalist investigating the government agencies that were involved in this cover-up, and were the very agencies prosecuting him for uncovering this. 

Jack Cashill is the author of “TWA 800: The Crash, The Cover-up, And The Conspiracy,” as well as the co-author with James Sanders on the book “First Strike:TWA Flight 800 And The Attack on America.” Cashill has come to the conclusion that it was an accidental, unintentional missile strike on flight 800 and the government covered up the horrendous mistake. If this is so, how does such a mistake happen? Also, if it isn’t so and it was intentional, why would it be intentional? Either way, this is another example of how your government really works: obfuscation of truth and justice, and suppression of evidence and witness testimony. It doesn’t take one shred of Fidelity, Bravery, or Integrity to commit crime and fraud while hiding behind the badge and having the backing of the entire corrupt system. Real bravery and integrity is telling the truth in the face of persecution from the powers that be in a situation like this. Official American history on this event, and so many others, remains a lie.

“The eyes of YaHuWaH are in every place, watching the evil and the good.” (Proverbs 15:3)

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