An Analysis of US Law Enforcement

“It is impossible for the world to hate you, but it hates Me because I bear witness of it, that its works are evil.” (John 7:7)

I want to believe in and respect the police in this country. I want to believe they are willing to do the right thing even in the face of pressure not to do so. I want to believe they are here to protect and serve the people in their respective communities first and foremost, rather than the ruling class and power structure.

I want to believe there really are only a “few bad apples,” as the saying goes, and that good cops will root out the bad cops from their respective departments and be respected for doing so rather than being shunned, isolated, marginalized, and targeted by their colleagues. If it is the case that only a few bad apples are out there, bad cops would almost always be held accountable and quickly be ousted from their respective departments, as well as the profession. They would be blacklisted once it had been determined they had planted evidence in order to send innocent people to jail, falsified reports, or used unnecessary excessive force on multiple occasions; but especially if they had committed real crimes such as murder, sexual assault, aggravated battery, or engaged in mafia like behavior by way of extortion from street criminals or street gangs, thus enabling crime to flourish in their respective communities. But what is the world we really live in? First, we’ll take a look at perhaps the most well known police whistleblower of all time, Frank Serpico.

Frank Serpico joined the NYPD in 1959 and during the 1960’s witnessed how most of the department was involved in taking kickbacks from drug dealers, racketeers, and anyone involved in any criminal activity generating money. In the 1973 film “Serpico,” starring Al Pacino as Serpico, he stated that if all the cops weren’t on the take from the street criminals, they’d have the city cleaned up in a week. I don’t know about a week, but enormous progress would have been made quickly if they had actually done their jobs instead of enabling the crime they were supposed to be fighting. Serpico refused to take money from the other cops muscling it from the street and never became “one of them.” He wasn’t trusted or liked because he was actually a real cop instead of someone just capitalizing on opportunity. Serpico began to report this activity to his superiors within the department and they feigned interest at stopping it. Nothing ever got done as he went to multiple sources. Frustrated, he eventually leaked the information to the New York Times. Still, no real reform was ever implemented because literally everyone all the way up the chain in the NYPD, as well as the DA and judges all benefited from crime and extortion. Serpico’s exposure of the corruption at the NYPD revealed that the whole system was entirely corrupt. Serpico was set up during a drug sting in 1971 and shot in the face but survived. It was an attempt on his life by his “brothers in blue” for refusing to be a fraud and take money to enable crime. Some might say that this only happened in that era and that police are cleaner nowadays, or that that is only in places like New York. Next stop: Chicago.

Shannon Spalding joined the Chicago Police Department in 1996. She currently has a website,, in which one is greeted with the following words: “For decades, The Chicago Police Department has had an unwritten rule that protects officers who abuse their authority. It’s called the Code of Silence, and it’s ruined the lives of countless innocent people.” Shannon Spalding is a rarity in the world of the police to come out and state this publicly. That statement is the truth and applies to all major departments across this country, not just Chicago. The only places where that may not apply would be in small departments or small Sheriff’s offices where there are specifically officers of integrity who really do root out the so called bad apples.

Spalding and her partner, Danny Escheverria, spent five years working with the FBI investigating a gang tactical team led by Sgt. Ronald Watts. Watts and the crew of officers under his command had organized a racket on Chicago’s south side in which they would extort drug dealers and gang members, by imposing the “Watts tax” on them, in return for protection from arrest, prosecution, and rival gangs and dealers. They also planted drugs on innocent people, falsified reports, and it is alleged are responsible for the murder of at least two people deemed a threat to whom they were extorting. Those in the areas where they established their racket who did not comply with these demands were subject to raids and arrests on trumped up charges, as well as beatings. In other words, typical mafia tactics were employed by the CPD.

While Spalding was working with the FBI and CPD internal affairs, elements of the CPD leaked the information to the rest of the department that Spalding and her partner were working undercover investigating them. Spalding described the retaliation as horrific, relentless, and daily. CPD’s top brass actually ordered retaliation to be undertaken by other officers, instead of supporting the officers who were investigating criminal wrongdoing. The retaliation included stalking, her tires being slashed, her life threatened in no uncertain terms, the refusal to provide her backup, and all forms of psychological harassment. A 20 year veteran of the CPD, Janet Hanna, signed a sworn affidavit that she overheard a Sergeant threatening the lives of Spalding and Escheverria. Eventually, Ronald Watts received a 22 month sentence in federal prison but the only reason this came about was because of the tenacity and courage of Spalding to stay the course. The vast majority of the time, criminal rackets and criminal actions by police officers goes unreported or un-prosecuted because of the hallowed “code of silence.” Even when it is reported, nothing gets done because the entire system is set up to protect the criminality of police.

Regarding Spalding’s case, journalist Jamie Kalven stated: “For officers to break rank and report grievous abuse by fellow officers requires them to be heroic almost to the point of self sacrifice.” The city of Chicago also settled with Spalding from a lawsuit for 2 million dollars on the very day of trial. They did so to avoid Spalding taking the stand and telling the story. They tried to outlast her up until the very last moment but failed. Thankfully, Spalding’s story is out for everyone to know and to understand how it really works in big city police departments. Next stop: Los Angeles

I recently heard about something known as “deputy gangs” within the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. After looking into it, there has been at least a 50 year history of deputies within the ranks of the LASD literally forming gangs that operate in much the same way as any other street gang does. The difference here is that they can operate with impunity and have the backing of the system at large and the Sheriff. Journalist Cerise Castle has put together a 15 part investigative series on the phenomenon of deputy gangs within the LASD and the history of it on the website Also, a September 2020 Report by the Center for Juvenile Law and Policy at Loyola Law School entitled “Fifty Years of Deputy Gangs in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department” brings light to this issue. There are at least 17 known gangs to have operated within the LASD over the last several decades and their names are: Banditos, Buffalo Soldiers, Cavemen, Cowboys, Executioners, Grim Reapers, Jump Out Boys, Little Devils, Pirates, Rattlesnakes, Regulators, Spartans, Tasmanian Devils, Three Thousand Boys, Two Thousand Boys, Vikings, and Wayside Whities. Typical sounding names for motorcycle or street gangs.

Within the aforementioned report, the phenomenon of LASD gangs is summed up as follows: “Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has a long history of deputy sheriffs forming secret sub-groups at stations in minority communities. These subgroups have tattoos, hand signals, and rituals similar to a criminal street gang. They foster a culture that resists police reform, such as community policing, instead encouraging and even celebrating aggressive tactics and uses of force against minority communities.” These groups have been known to have control of entire stations and there is only one reason for that: Current Sheriff Alex Villanueva and former Sheriffs allow it, tolerate it, and are indeed a part of it. It is one thing to cover up one’s mistakes or embarrassing information and quietly get rid of it, but in the case of the LASD and the former case of Shannon Spalding at the CPD, police criminality is an environment that is fostered and protected because it is the norm for it to be in place. The gangs within the LASD have a long history of planting evidence, falsifying reports, extortion from people on the street, and encouraging and celebrating violence.

The report states that sexual favors are demanded from female deputies. Deputy Guadalupe Lopez reported this misconduct within the Banditos in 2014 and she was run off the road by another deputy, slammed into a wall, and a dead rat placed near her car. This is how whistleblowers are silenced.

The Vikings were a gang operating in Lynwood in the 80’s and 90’s. They sported a tattoo with the number “998,” which is code for an officer involved shooting. In 1990, 75 residents of Lynwood filed a class action lawsuit alleging that the LASD tolerated this deputy gang terrorizing the community. The suit alleged that deputies routinely beat, shot, and killed members of the community in a reign of terror-just as a street gang unchecked will do. The County of LA settled for 9 million going to these residents. Unfortunately, this money is coming out of taxpayers wallets instead of the cops actually being held liable themselves. We have to pay for their criminality.

One deputy from the LASD is whistleblower Art Gonzalez. Gonzalez testified under oath that deputy Miguel Vega shot and killed 18 year old Andres Guardado on June 18th, 2020, in order to join the deputy gang the Executioners. Just as street gangs have initiation rituals which sometimes require murder, evidently the police do so as well in the land of the free and home of the brave. Gonzalez is quoted as stating: “There are parties after shootings. They call them 998 parties. Some people say it’s to celebrate the deputy is alive, others say it’s to celebrate that they’re going to be “inking” somebody.” Inking somebody would be initiation in to the gang or the receipt of tattoo markings for killing somebody. On the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department’s webpage, with Alex Villanueva pictured, it gloats over the story that on November 4th, 2021, Judge William F. Fahey dismissed the case brought against the LASD by Art Gonzalez. For more info. on this phenomenon at the LASD, see the video below:

Another story from LA involves LAPD officer Houston Tipping. Tipping was a 5 year veteran of the force and died on May 29th, 2022, from injuries sustained during a “grappling” exercise at the Police Academy. Tipping suffered the injuries on May 26th which included a spinal cord injury, 3 broken ribs, a liver laceration, and multiple head injuries. The LAPD says that they have no footage of this event but attorney Brad Gage, representing Tipping’s mother, believes they are lying. This is not something that would not be on camera somehow, someway. There are undoubtedly cameras at the Police Academy recording these exercises just as there are cameras recording human activity in almost all public or institutional settings. Those kind of injuries are not consistent with an accident, but more consistent with a severe beating. Tipping’s mother alleges that her son was killed purposely during this incident and the reason for this is the following: An initial report by the LAPD of an event at a Northridge, CA, home in June, 2021, was a short one stating that an attack had taken place without much detail otherwise. Tipping began investigating the incident and compiled a more accurate, detailed report. Attorney Gage stated that he has read Tipping’s report and it involves the gang rape of a woman in that home in Northridge by 4 LAPD officers which included the insertion into her vagina of foreign objects. The officers were in uniform and apparently named in the report. Is it a coincidence that one of those officers, according to Gage, was at the training exercise in which Tipping was brutalized and later died? This is highly suspect to say the least. First of all, gang raping a woman is one of the most disgusting, horrifying, and depraved acts a man can engage in. To think that police officers did this and then had the officer killed who was investigating them is not something most Americans want to believe. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, so when police are given carte blanche to commit crime and not be held accountable, it can easily result in scenarios like the story of Houston Tipping. Tipping is remembered as a good officer who blew the whistle not only on this occasion, but a prior one as well. Tipping reported to internal affairs that a particular Sergeant had lied to them about another investigation and that Sergeant was subsequently fired. That sort of thing does not earn a man brownie points within the criminal syndicate known as the police force, but rather makes one a marked man. See the additional report below:

And yet one more story involving an LAPD narcotics officer is that of Michael Ruppert. It is commonly known now, or at least most people have heard of the allegations of CIA drug trafficking. There is a reason they are nicknamed the Cocaine Import Agency. Ruppert revealed the existence of documented drug operations domestically by the CIA known as Pegasus, Amadeus, and Watchtower, and he revealed this directly to CIA director John Deutch at a town hall meeting in Los Angeles on November 15th, 1996. Ruppert told Deutch that “The agency has dealt drugs throughout this country for a long time,” and that “I was personally exposed to CIA operations and recruited by CIA personnel, who attempted to recruit me, in the late 70’s to become involved in protecting agency drug operations in this country. I have been trying to get this information out for 18 years.” When Deutch questioned if he had reported this to the LAPD brass, Ruppert responded that “I did bring this information out 18 years ago and I got shot at and forced out of the LAPD because of it.” The operations that Ruppert refers to are massive drug operations that have flooded this country with drugs over the decades. This shows that the entire “war on drugs” has always been a sham and is used to incarcerate people in privatized prisons for profit. The point though, once again, is that good cops like Ruppert who report this kind of criminality are forced out of police work one way or another. In cases like this, higher elements of power influence the police to go along with their programs and only men of integrity like Ruppert have the fortitude to take a stand for truth and justice. The CIA are a powerful aspect of the deep state apparatus running this country and the world, and can literally do whatever they want. The police in this country have been conscripted to protect and serve the interests and enterprises of this deep state/cabal, not protect Constitutional rights or the interests of the public. In reality, they do not work for the people, but rather the criminal ruling class and some examples of this will be covered further. Men like Ruppert, Tipping, Serpico, Gonzalez, and Shannon Spalding are but a few of the genuine and brave officers who have taken a heroic stand to do what is right. The vast majority of police are unable or unwilling to do so however. There are other police whistleblowers but there are not many of them and in my opinion, this totally nullifies the “few bad apples” theory. It is actually just the opposite where there are really only a few good apples willing to do what is right when it comes right down to it. I’m sure there are also many officers who quietly resign when they see how things really work in the police force but it would be better if they spoke up, even if it means a risk to their well being.

In 1913, in his book “The New Freedom,” 28th president of the United States, Woodrow Wilson, wrote the following: “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” This power that Wilson refers to is the cabal running this country and indeed the world, that US police have been conscripted to serve and protect, and they are afraid of it as they dare not go against it. Something I have noticed over the years are cases that are obviously homicides that are ruled as suicides, murder-suicides, or accidents. This can also occur with the death having been made to appear from natural causes. I have written about the cases of Nancy Schaefer and Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet as examples of this phenomenon on this website and so won’t cover those cases here. In those cases and many other cases like them, someone has crossed the power structure or was deemed a threat to it for some reason, an enemy of the state so to speak, and was murdered in a professional hit. These cases, for these things to be smoothly pulled off, require the cooperation of any given police or sheriff’s department. They must not conduct an honest investigation into the case but instead promote a certain narrative or false story about how any such person died. In some unknown manner to me, key personnel within the police are notified before or right after any given death that such and such will be the cover story and that that is what the official word to the public will be.

One example of this is the death of CDC scientist Timothy Cunningham. On Feb. 12th, 2018, Cunningham left work early at the CDC claiming he wasn’t feeling well. He disappeared in a strange fashion by leaving his wallet, keys, and dog in his house and went missing for the next two months. He told a neighbor to take his name out of their phone. His body turned up in the Chattahoochee river two months later on April 3rd. This was ruled a suicide by drowning despite the fact that less than 2% of suicides are committed by drowning, according to wikipedia. That figure is slightly over 1% according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Why would a man commit suicide in such a bizarre manner as that? Also, the location of where his body was found was difficult and rugged terrain. No explanation was given as to how he got there, and three crystals were also found in his pocket. No one knows what the three crystals signified but they could have been a signature left by the killer(s). The thing about this case that threw up a red flag was the fact that the Atlanta police immediately ruled out foul play upon the body being found. In a case involving all the aforementioned circumstances, foul play should at least be considered and should probably be considered to be likely instead of being immediately ruled out. I believe if it were an honest investigation, foul play would have been considered more likely and the case would remain open on this possibility before going straight to the suicide explanation. A case such as this should be ruled as possible suicide in the absence of evidence to indicate otherwise, with it remaining open if any more information or evidence ever came to light showing foul play. I believe the Atlanta PD covered for this being a professional hit by ruling that possibility out without any investigation. Why, I do not know, but the CDC is an entirely corrupt entity and Cunningham probably discovered something he wasn’t supposed to.

Timothy McVeigh, the man known for allegedly bombing the Murrah building in Oklahoma City on April 19th, 1995, left us evidence that the police do in fact work with the deep state/shadow government in conducting professional hits on people deemed as enemies of the state. I write that he was allegedly the bomber because there is actually much more to the OKC bombing than the official narrative that has been propagated for the last 27 years. For the reader not familiar with the fact that the official narrative on this event is not the truth, please see the embedded documentary “A Noble Lie” at the end of this article. The official story is that Timothy McVeigh did not make the cut for Special Forces in the early 1990’s and dropped out. There is strong evidence that he was actually “sheep dipped,” a military term for someone who “officially” on paper has quit or is out of the military, but has actually been incorporated into covert operations programs. On July 1st, 1998, The New York Times published excerpts from a letter McVeigh wrote to his sister dated Oct. 20th, 1993. What was written in the letter is the following:

“Now here’s what led to my current life: it all revolves around my arrival at Fort Bragg for Special Forces. We all took intelligence, psychological, adeptness, and a whole battery of other tests. (Out of a group of 400) one day in formation, ten (10) Social Security numbers were called out (no names) and told to leave formation. Mine was one.”

“The 10 of us were told that out of the select group of 400, we had scored highest on certain tests. We had been selected because of our intelligence, physical make-up, (165 lbs. 6 ft. being “ultimate warrier” (sic) type- I was only slightly off- 160 lbs. 6’1 1/2″) and physical abilities. We were to feel special, part of a hand picked group…”

“We were all asked to “volunteer” (talk about peer pressure) to do some “work” for the government on the domestic, as well as international front”

“What I learned next, both from the briefings, and from the questions and private talks included:”

“1) We would be helping the CIA fly drugs into the U.S. to fund many covert operations”

“2) Military “consultants” were to work hand-in-hand with civilian police agencies to “quiet” anyone whom was deemed a “security risk” ( we would be govt. paid assassins!)”

Did McVeigh leave us his actual schedule of activities in military/intelligence covert operations? If so, he left us leaked information about who and what the police in this country really do. They assist in the cover-up of professional murders and/or help orchestrate them as one of their jobs. If McVeigh were sheep dipped, then he was merely playing a role in the Oklahoma City Bombing. He could have been set up to be the fall guy, or he could simply be playing the role of the villain. If he were playing the role of the villain, then would the intelligence community actually execute him? Officially, McVeigh was put to death in 2001, but if he were really put to death for the bombing, others in the covert operations community may lose trust that their handlers in the military and CIA would follow through on their promises, question their loyalty, and the whole thread of covert ops could be compromised. If McVeigh were sheep dipped to be a covert operator, then he was perhaps not actually put to death. McVeigh’s truck bomb did not do the damage we have all seen of the Murrah building. The building was blown up from the inside in a high level intelligence/military operation, but McVeigh’s role was to be the guy who built the truck bomb and allegedly blew it up from the outside. The aforementioned documentary “A Noble Lie” goes into detail about this. Dr. Lorraine Day, former orthopedic trauma surgeon and Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital has officially stated that McVeigh was never actually executed and this was yet another intelligence operation. His “death” was meant to put final closure to the OKC bombing story. See the documentary “The Secret life of Timothy McVeigh” below for more information on this:

Another example of police working with the criminal power structure to silence a perceived enemy of the state is the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. on April 4th, 1968. The official version of history is that lone nut racist James Earl Ray shot King in Memphis, TN because of his hatred for blacks and King. The truth though, is that King had crossed the power structure by coming out in bold opposition to the Vietnam war, as well as being a man of general integrity with too much influence on the mass consciousness of Americans at the time. The King assassination was a deep state hit and according to King family attorney, William Pepper, the actual triggerman in King’s shooting was Frank Strausser of the Memphis PD. Once again, there is much more to this story than official history states. See the documentary below for more information on the King assassination and the involvement of the Memphis police in it:


One of the most powerful stories that has stirred my heart and mind for years is that of Sergeant Terrance Yeakey of the Oklahoma City PD. On the morning of the bombing of the Murrah building on April 19th, 1995, Sgt. Yeakey was on patrol a few blocks away. Immediately after the blast, he rushed to the scene and began attempting to rescue people inside. He is credited with saving 8 people from the rubble that day. What he discovered during the course of the day was that the building had been blown up from the inside, and although local news was covering the event accurately for a short period of time on April 19th, the Ministry of Truth(major media) took over and began to report that a truck bomb inside of a Ryder truck driven by Timothy McVeigh is what did all the damage. McVeigh was picked up on the highway within hours after the bombing because he was driving without a license plate on the getaway car. Think about this: The criminal terrorist mastermind responsible for the biggest act of “domestic” terrorism in US history to this day bungled his getaway because he didn’t think to have a license plate on the car? This detail alone should stir any thinking man’s mind. Yeakey attempted to return to the building at night a few nights later to investigate on his own, undercover, but was met by federal agents who would not allow him access. Yeakey knew the official story to be a deliberate lie and began amassing evidence. He was storing documentation and evidence at a storage facility in nearby El-Reno, OK. Yeakey faced harassment and coercion from the brass within his department to conform to the false narrative but he refused to do so. Over the course of the next year, he became paranoid as later recounted by his ex-wife Tonia. Tonia recounted how he would show up at her place at 3 am, obviously distraught, but never revealed to her what he knew about the bombing. For a 30 year old man, 7 years experience with the OCPD, he was extraordinarily mature in not revealing what he knew to her. It was of course meant to be for her safety. On May 8th, 1996, just over a year after the bombing, Yeakey’s body was found in a field in El-Reno, a mile and 1/2 from his car. His car was full of blood and the car seats and upholstery had been ravaged. Yeakey had been tortured and shot to death. He had been handcuffed, beaten, dragged, and cut multiple times on his arms. There was a bullet wound in his right temple and exit wound near the left earlobe. Obviously he had been shot from someone standing above aiming downward. This was clearly a torture-homicide but it was ruled a suicide. This was in the jurisdiction of the El-Reno police but the Oklahoma City police and FBI commandeered the investigation. Initially, no gun was found anywhere near his body but when the FBI showed up, the gun was “found” within minutes. If a man shoots himself in the head, the gun will be right next to the body and no one would have initially missed it. The OCPD and FBI took over the case because they were the ones to cover up the hit and call it a suicide, that simple. Yeakey knew too much about the fact that the bombing was a false flag event and McVeigh was not the mastermind of it. He refused to back down in the face of enormous pressure and threats to do so, so criminal elements representing the interests of the power structure sent a powerful message to anyone daring to go against the official narrative. Only one man within the department, that I know of, has been willing to speak publicly about this and that is Sgt. Don Browning. Browning testified before the Oklahoma County Grand Jury that the FBI, police chief Sam Gonzalez, and Oklahoma City’s Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Larry Balding, conspired to have Yeakey’s death ruled a suicide when they knew it was a murder. He also testified that the FBI had advance knowledge of the bombing and did nothing to stop it. Don Browning lived though, which begs the question as to why more from the OCPD were too sheepish to publicly speak out on this. As Dietrich Bonhoeffer once stated: “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil…”

Yeakey’s family knew their son and ex-husband had been murdered. When they repeatedly questioned elements of the OCPD about this, they were blown off as if their imaginations were out of control, as well as being stalked and harassed. Tonia’s residence was broken into and stuff like balloons left with the message “we know where you are” written on them. Another time, the door to her place was off its hinges with a card in the bedroom reading “Get well soon.” To murder your family and then engage in this kind of harassment is relegated to psychopathic serial killers and the mafia, right? Try the police and FBI. Tonia and their children had to move repeatedly to escape this psychological terrorism.

Another noteworthy detail surrounding this event is that, in addition to Yeakey being on the scene helping to rescue people that day was a Dr. Don Chumley. Dr. Chumley ran the Broadway Medical Clinic a very short distance from the event and while on the scene was approached twice by an ATF agent asking Dr. Chumley to bandage his head. The problem was, the man was obviously faking his injuries. This is significant because there was an ATF office within the Murrah building but no ATF personnel were in the building at the time of the bombing. They were tipped off not to be. This agent, however, must have been instructed by his criminal handlers within the ATF or FBI to fake injuries to give the impression some of them were in the building and had therefore not been tipped off. Chumley saw through the ruse and threatened to report the man. There are reports that Chumley and Yeakey were collaborating on the collection of evidence and shared a safety deposit box. On September 25th, 5 months after the bombing, Chumley’s Cessna fell out of the sky killing him.

Terrance Yeakey’s murder and subsequent cover-up, as well as the cover-up of the truth about the bombing by the Oklahoma City PD speaks loud and clear about who US police protect and serve. Even when one of their own is brutally murdered by elements working for the deep state, they fail to stand up to that. The “power” that Woodrow Wilson wrote about in 1913 is such that events like this can transpire. This is a riveting story that is told in detail in the video at the end of the article, “A Noble Lie.”

The FBI has always been a weapon used by the cabal/deep state to attack political dissidents and anyone deemed a “security risk.” Today, the FBI and DHS have labeled conservatives, and in particular white conservatives, as domestic extremists. These very people on the political right typically support law enforcement and “back the blue,” but I can tell you without reservation that when the FBI decides to target anyone, with or without just cause, the blue will be backing their bosses in the federal government and not you. It is my personal estimate that perhaps 2% of Sheriffs in this country have the guts to actually stand in the gap and defend individual and Constitutional rights and oppose the FBI in their unbridled persecution of patriotic Americans, whistleblowers, activists, and journalists who expose the power structure for what it is. Even if police and Sheriffs know the FBI is totally unjustified and lawless in any given raid or arrest, they will still back the Feds nearly 100% of the time. I’d be happy to be wrong about that, but from what I have seen and studied over the years, indications are for the 2% estimate at best. There are a few good Sheriffs with balls in this country, but they are a small minority. It doesn’t take one shred of integrity, courage, or character to hide behind the badge and enforce tyranny, but it does indeed to uphold liberty in the face of opposition from the criminal establishment. Likewise, it requires zero bravery or character to commit crime with the protection of the badge and persecute whistleblowers within their ranks, but this is the standard for US law enforcement as evidenced by the examples given and many other stories not covered here. As an institution, US law enforcement has a pact with the cabal and not the people or the Constitution, even though they take an oath to uphold it.

I have referenced the cabal, a power, the power structure, the deep state. Although prominent and in control of our entire system in the US, this is a worldwide power referred to as the 4th beast, or 4th kingdom in the book of Daniel chapter 7. It is, as JFK referred to it, a “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy.” It is indeed that but the time will come when it is to fall and justice will come in the following manner:

“And the kings of the earth, and the great ones, and the rich ones; and the commanders, and the mighty, and every slave and every free one, hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains, and said to the mountains and rocks, ‘Fall on us and hide us’ from the face of Him sitting on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb, for the great day of His wrath is come, and who is able to stand?” (Revelation 6:15-17)

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