The Horror of Human Trafficking

We hear some information here and there in the major media about human trafficking, but it is a much bigger problem and issue than most Americans are aware of, and what the media is willing to cover. Human trafficking differs from human smuggling in that trafficking is defined as the use of force, fraud, or coercion. Human trafficking involves the kidnapping, sale, and distribution of people, usually women and children, into a situation of forced labor or forced prostitution.

Both boys and girls are used in trafficking operations and the most common form of trafficking is sex trafficking. Women and children nationally and internationally are forced into situations of sex, “serving” up to 20 people per day. Imagine, if you can, your daughter, sister, wife, or mother being sold into a trafficking ring. If force, fraud, or coercion are involved, then it is nothing other than rape. A common method for procuring children into the US is that they are lured from Mexico and Central American countries from trafficking operators to the border, with the promise of a better life. They often find out otherwise once they enter the US. Who are the traffickers though? Gangs? Cartels? Organized crime? …….US government agencies?

Aaron Stevenson began working for US Citizenship and Immigration Services within the Department of Homeland Security(DHS) in 2014. He also began working on the Transnational Organized Crime watchlist for DHS in 2016, which involves looking for foreign organized crime operating within the US. This would monitor what are referred to as “encounters” these parties of interest would have with US authorities. In early 2021, Stevenson began to notice certain codes were coming up in relation to these transnational crime organizations, the first one being specifically 6USC279 UAC Sponsor. He then began to notice more and more of these codes, UAC meaning Unaccompanied Alien Child. These very organizations were known as criminal organizations and yet they were designated by our government as “sponsors” for unaccompanied children arriving at the southern border. These so called sponsors were simply traffickers procuring children for labor and sex exploitation with the help of the DHS. Stevenson states that one of these organizations sponsoring the UACs is the ultra-violent gang known as MS-13.

Stevenson spoke with his superiors and learned that DHS had no interest in investigating or mitigating these trafficking operations. DHS knew these things were taking place however, hence the existence of codes designating certain children to be placed with crime networks within the US. Stevenson states that in 2012, approximately 13 thousand UACs crossed the border, but in 2022, an 856% increase of 128 thousand children crossed the border and were placed within the hands of trafficking organizations. He also reports that the system is designed for the benefit of traffickers, and what the average person would consider a “failure” within the system is simply there because the government wants the process to exist. He states that the average lifespan for a child after they have become a victim of trafficking is 7-10 years. They are killed and the media never mentions their existence.

Tara Rodas is also a whistleblower who has recently come forward to speak truth on these matters. Rodas was in US government service for 20 years and briefly served as Deputy Director, Federal Case Management Team for Health and Human Services(HHS). During 5 months of 2021, Rodas volunteered at an HHS facility in Pomona, CA, in helping to place unaccompanied children with sponsors. She initially believed it was a family reunification effort but began to notice that the paperwork associated with where the children were supposed to go did not match the addresses on file of the sponsors. Some sponsors were sponsoring multiple children and some apartment complexes sponsored 40-50 children. The children were coming into the country which the US government, by way of HHS, took control over and placed them with these sponsors. The sponsors were then never required to report anything back to HHS about the well-being or whereabouts of these children. 

Rodas reported to the Office of Inspector General within HHS and the Department of Justice(DOJ) that children were being placed with traffickers and she was eventually escorted from the property at Pomona and her badge taken from her. Obviously, a legitimate system would seriously investigate these claims, but in her case, as in all cases with people who expose government criminality, they are at the very least fired. Rodas explains in interviews with FBI whistleblower Kyle Seraphin and former Cathedral City, CA, police officer Alfredo Luna that the US government acts as “middleman” in this ongoing trafficking operation. She also explains how horrified she was to learn that this is taking place and how vast and sophisticated the operation is. She states: “The United States government and the HHS is government sponsored, taxpayer funded child trafficking and what we’re witnessing is the largest trafficking operation on the planet and the most well funded. And it’s very hard to wrap your mind around.” She goes on to state in the interview with Luna that: “It is a form of evil that I’ve never witnessed in my life.” 

One of the reasons more whistleblowers do not come forward regarding this and other government criminality is because, as ex- CIA officer Kevin Shipp states: “There is a perfected, exact, refined process that the shadow government uses to secretly silence and destroy whistleblowers, and it works really well…”

So, who polices the DHS and HHS?  Some might say, well the FBI of course. If those involved in a human trafficking operation are not sanctioned or working with the US government power structure, then they are fair game for the FBI to go after. If, however, trafficking operations involve elements of the power structure, the FBI is then tasked with protecting that enterprise and going after anyone who threatens it in any way. They are the attack dogs for the deep state/cabal running our system and government.

One example of this comes from the infamous story known as the Franklin Cover-Up. Former Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp is the author of the 1992 book “The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska,” in which he documents a long, sordid story of a national child trafficking ring of American children based out of Omaha. DeCamp stated in the documentary film “Conspiracy of Silence” that: “You literally have to have bricks for brains to take on the FBI in this country, and that’s exactly what you have to do to do this properly. They now, in my opinion, in my investigation, are the architects of the cover up…obviously the FBI was protecting something a lot more significant than a bunch of old pedophiles…they were protecting, in my opinion, some very prominent politicians, some very powerful and wealthy individuals associated with these politicians in the political system, up to and including the highest political people in the entire country.” These are DeCamp’s words verbatim, and this is profound in its implications for what the future of this country is. 

Once considered to be among America’s most prestigious institutions, the FBI has experienced a massive fall in credibility and is now openly manifesting itself as the American Gestapo. America is not merely in decline, but rather stands on the precipice staring into the abyss.

“Near is the great Day of the Lord, near and hurrying greatly, the noise of the Day of the Lord. Let the mighty man then bitterly cry out.”  (Zephaniah 1:14)

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