The Sabbath Day Change

Letter to the Editor, Press and Banner, Abbeville, SC, Aug. 19th, 2020

Thank you to the Press and Banner for upholding the spirit of free speech and 1st amendment rights. For the sincere Bible believers out there, you know that we are in that season that Paul writes about in 1 Thessalonians 5:1-4. That season being the Day of YaHuWaH(God, The Lord) coming as a thief in the night.

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The Meaning of the JFK Assassination

Letter to the editor, Press and Banner, Abbeville, SC, Sept. 8, 2021

The assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22nd, 1963, is one of the biggest events in 20th century American history. Americans have had 58 years to meditate on and research this event; but most importantly, to come to the realization of what it means.

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The Day of YaHuWaH and America’s Day of Reckoning

Yahushua, who is commonly referred to as Jesus, is prophesied throughout Scripture regarding his 1st advent. He is prophesied throughout the Torah, the prophets, and books now regarded as apocryphal, although many of these apocryphal books were in the original 1611 King James Bible. It should be impossible for those reading Scripture honestly to miss that He is the Messiah and has come as described in the Gospels, and will come again.

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YaHuWaH or God?

The name or title of “God” or “Lord” is seen throughout all English Bibles. People assume that The Father and Creator of all things is “God” and thus it is perfectly normal to refer to Him as such. It has been so normalized to refer to the Almighty as God that almost everyone who references Him doesn’t think at all to call Him anything other than God. What most people don’t realize however, is that the names of Lord and God have been used to replace the true Name of our Creator.

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The Franklin Cover Up

The story of the Franklin cover up is not an isolated incident. This story represents a microcosm of what was going on across America during the 80’s and 90’s, when much information of this nature began to come to light, as well as now. If anything, things have gotten much worse for one reason: the entire system is corrupt beyond repair, and beyond what most people care to comprehend.

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FBI: The Loss of Credibility

In a letter from Jim Jordan, US representative from Ohio and ranking member of the House oversight Committee, to FBI director Christopher Wray, dated July 27th, 2022, Jordan informs Wray that FBI whistleblowers from multiple field offices have come forward with information that the top brass within the FBI are pressuring agents and employees to falsify statistics and data regarding domestic violent extremism(DVE).

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The Remote Control of Human Functioning and Behavior

Much of the information presented here has been gleaned from a presentation to the US Senate by Dr. Daniel Lebowitz, MD, on December 9th, 2014. The presentation is entitled “The State of Civil and Human Rights in the United States” and can be found at the website

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Child Protective Services: A Criminal Enterprise

Tue, Jun 14, 4:07 PM

Back in November, I wrote about a Georgia State Senator named Nancy Schaefer who investigated the deep corruption within the national program of Child Protective Services, as well as corresponding state level equivalents. Mrs. Schaefer served as state senator from 2004-2008 and wrote a report which can be found online entitled “The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services.”

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