Covid-19 Injection: The Other Side of the Story

The subject of vaccination, and in particular the Covid-19 injection, is one of the biggest issues of our day. It has been a subject that has caused division between friends and family members, has caused people to do something they normally wouldn’t because their place of employment mandated it, and has been a major point of contention as to its safety and efficacy, or lack thereof.

We have witnessed a massive media push to get vaccinated over the course of the last two years to supposedly help save your life and the lives of others. Does the government, media, and Pharma give us good, honest, unbiased information or is this the biggest propaganda campaign in US media history? I refer to this “vaccine” as an injection because I have heard it said and discussed by many credible sources that this is not really a vaccine at all; but rather, gene editing technology being falsely presented as a vaccine. This writing will examine what military whistleblowers, doctors, and embalmers have learned and discovered about the effects of this injection. Many people only hear the establishment narrative on this subject, and this represents a small fraction of what the other side of the story is.

On September 25th, 2022, US Army Flight Surgeon Lt. Col. Dr. Theresa Long testified to Idaho legislators regarding the rollout of the Covid-19 injection that: “In my 15 years as a doctor taking care of soldiers, I have never seen this litany of debilitating and potentially deadly medical conditions in soldiers.” The conditions she cited included, but are not limited to: strokes, heart conditions, rapid onset cancers, multiple sclerosis, and unusual blood clots. She also stated that when she went to senior medical personnel within the Army’s chain of command, that her concerns were ignored and that her career was threatened. She stated that no investigation was undertaken in regards to the number and scope of adverse medical events related to the Covid vaccine. Long also states in the film “Died Suddenly,” which can be found on, that insurance companies consider a 10% increase in all cause mortality in the United States to be a catastrophic event, but that we are now seeing a 40% increase in all cause mortality and in her words, these figures are apocalyptic. Regarding rapid onset cancers, Idaho pathologist Ryan Cole, MD, states that he has witnessed healthy people suddenly afflicted with stage 4 cancer all over their body within a month after the second or third Covid shot.

Lt. Col. Dr. Pete Chambers is also a US Army Flight Surgeon and also testified before the same body in Idaho in September. Chambers stated that Long contacted him and encouraged him to look at the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database(DMED). This database contained all the information of what was previously mentioned by Long. The information on DMED was brought out by way of attorney Thomas Renz, who is representing 3 Department of Defense whistleblowers, to US Senator Ron Johnson. Senator Johnson publicly stated that the information on DMED must be preserved and investigated. Chambers stated that within 24 hours of Johnson’s statement, the DMED data was scrubbed from the internet. Attorney Renz stated to Johnson: “our soldiers are being experimented on, injured, and sometimes possibly killed,” in regards to the mandated Covid-19 injection.

Pete Chambers also states in the film “Died Suddenly” that this is about depopulation, and cites a 1974 paper by then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in which Kissinger writes of the need for depopulation. Bill Gates, George Soros, and Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum routinely speak publicly about the need to depopulate the earth. Bill Gates has even stated that the world’s population can be reduced by 10-15% by way of vaccination. For those who agree with the idea of depopulation, do you volunteer yourself and your family to be sacrificed for this utopian idea?

Something that increasing numbers of embalmers are speaking out about are the unusual clots they are pulling from the arteries and veins of deceased people. From the ones I have listened to, they are in agreement that they did not start seeing this new type of clot until the last 16-18 months, shortly after the rollout of the Covid-19 shot. Richard Hirschman, an embalmer from Alabama, states that these clots are a white fibrous material, looking like calamari and feeling like a rubber band. They are not actually blood clots though, as they are made up of a very low amount of magnesium, potassium, and iron, according to cardiologist Wade Hamilton. 

Indiana embalmer Wallace Hooker is a national and international lecturer on embalming and states in the film “Died Suddenly” that during a lecture he gave at a recent Ohio Embalmers Association, in which approximately 100 embalmers were present, he posed two questions to the audience. He asked them if they had been witnessing these large, white fibrous clots and all confirmed that they had witnessed and pulled these clots from bodies. When Hooker then asked the audience when they started seeing them, they unanimously answered that it was within the last 18 months, coinciding with the introduction of the experimental gene editing shot being referred to as a vaccine.

Anna Foster, an embalmer with 12 years experience from Carrollton, MO, states that she has pulled a white, calamari like clot that was 3 feet long from the jugular vein of a person. Foster states that: “I have been in this profession for approximately 12 years, with approximately 200-250 bodies per year, and I have never seen anything like this until the vaccination.” l

Ok, so why don’t more doctors speak out about this? For starters, the medical establishment and medical boards will silence and threaten them with their licenses if they speak against this monolithic and ruthless propaganda campaign in any way. In California, legislation now exists that threatens to strip doctors of their license if they spread “Covid misinformation” in any way. This is medical tyranny at its finest and does not allow doctors in California to practice medicine in any way other than what Big Brother prescribes. They are being cowed into silence. Despite this, they should still take a stand against what is obviously tyrannical and wrong but they don’t. One can only conclude that they simply don’t have the guts to do so, as a collective. 

After having been told repeatedly that vaccines are safe and effective, for information to come out that counters that, the unpleasant psychological dilemma known as cognitive dissonance can set in. If this Covid injection is not only not safe and effective, but instead deadly and dangerous, the validity of the entire medical and pharmaceutical establishment is in question because vaccination is the flagship product of the industry. Highly educated people have a very hard time coming to terms with the notion that what they have been taught by the system they serve is actually a gigantic and deliberate lie.

in 1981, CIA director William Casey stated that; “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” Yes, he said that and he meant it. The CIA has infiltrated the media long ago with programs like Project Mockingbird. Disinformation is the deliberate dissemination of false information through clever, multilayered, sophisticated propaganda and this is exactly what has been cast upon the American public in regards to vaccination in general, and the Covid injection in particular.

“And the light of a lamp shall not shine in you any more at all. And the voice of bridegroom and bride shall not be heard in you any more at all. For your merchants were the great ones of the earth, for by your drug sorcery all the nations were led astray.”  (Revelation 18:23)

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