Biological Warfare and the CIA

The late Dr. Robert Strecker, MD, of Los Angeles, stated in a presentation that can be found at, that there were over 300 known biological experiments covertly conducted on US citizens between 1959-1970. Those experiments, as we’ll explore here, were conducted by the CIA/military industrial complex. Among the well known experiments conducted on unwitting US citizens were the Tuskegee Syphilis Study and the CIA’s MK-ULTRA mind control program. 

Berkeley, CA, psychologist Richard Ofshe wrote in 1979 regarding MK-ULTRA that: “…MK-ULTRA coordinated 149 projects involving thousands of experiments and operations on prisoners, mental patients, and others in the US and elsewhere. Tens of thousands of people were subjects of experimentation against their will or knowledge. The research of hundreds of scientists was coordinated, unknown to them, by CIA front organizations. Every possible technique for influencing people against their will or knowledge was tested.”

The example of MK-ULTRA is used here to demonstrate the government’s willingness to experiment on anybody for any reason. MK-NAOMI was/is another CIA program, officially in existence until no later than 1969, ostensibly dissolved at the behest of President Richard Nixon. MK-NAOMI was/is a joint Department of Defense/CIA  research program focusing on biological warfare agents, including the administration of poisonous pills. Special Operations within the military were designated to assist the CIA in testing, development, and maintenance for biological agents and delivery systems. According to wikipedia, the goal of MK-NAOMI was: “to have a robust arsenal of lethal and incapacitating materials within the CIA’s Technical Services Division. This would enable the TSD to serve as a center for supplying biological and chemical materials.” 

It is silly to think that the CIA and military industrial complex would ever discontinue research, development, and operations in the field of biological warfare agents. Most American assume that such programs are for combating the enemies of the United States, but this is not the case. In an attempt at depopulation, biological warfare has been imposed on an unwitting humanity. The aforementioned Dr. Robert Strecker was one of the first credible and credentialed AIDS whistleblowers, and stated that cancer tissue from cows was mixed with cancer tissue from sheep, and put into the smallpox vaccine. This vaccine was administered by the World Health Organization(WHO) in Africa. The AIDS pandemic in Africa occurred in the same places where the WHO conducted its smallpox eradication program by way of the smallpox vaccine, administered at WHO vaccination centers. 

In a sworn statement on July 27th, 1990, former Naval Intelligence Officer and author of the 1991 book “Behold a Pale Horse,” William Cooper, stated that the idea of AIDS originated from the ruling class think tank, the Club of Rome, and the plan was called “Global 2000.” He writes that funding was provided to the DoD to produce a synthetic biological agent that does not naturally exist, and for which there is no natural immunity. The project was carried out at Fort Detrick, Maryland, and was designed to target Blacks, Hispanics, and homosexuals in a depopulation effort. The name of this project was MK-NAOMI. The African continent was infected with HIV/AIDS by way of the smallpox vaccine in 1977, and was first introduced to the US population in 1978 by way of the Hepatitis B vaccine , by way of the Centers for Disease Control(CDC). MK-NAOMI was developed by Special Forces Division scientists at Ft. Detrick under the supervision of the CIA, and for the CIA. It is important to note that Cooper made this statement long before wikipedia was in existence and yet, wikipedia describes MK-NAOMI in a very similar fashion, although without the divulgence of it being involved with the creation of HIV/AIDS.

Another Los Angeles based physician, the late Dr. Alan Cantwell, MD, is the author of the 1988 book, “AIDS and the Doctors of Death: An Inquiry into the Origin of the AIDS Epidemic,” as well as the 1993 book entitled “Queer Blood: The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot.” Cantwell states that HIV is a genetically modified organism developed by US government scientists and introduced into the US population between 1978-1981… once again, by way of the Hepatitis B vaccine.

If these things are true, then it means that the nature of the system at large is criminal to the point of being evil. If this is the case, when these matters are exposed for what they are, the system would then employ multi-leveled propaganda campaigns to drown out the truth of the aforementioned voices. Not only propaganda campaigns, but the murder of people as well. Dr. Robert Strecker’s brother, Ted, who was an attorney and on board with disseminating the truth about AIDS, was suicided in August of 1988. Ted Strecker had written a document in March of 1986 entitled “This is a Bio-Attack Alert” on the subject and disseminated it to every governmental agency in the United States.

People were, and still are given the drug Azidothymidine(AZT) for the “treatment” of HIV/AIDS. AZT is a highly toxic, organ destroying drug. Anthony Fauci was head of the National Institute of Health(NIH) at the time AZT was first introduced, and was a key player in its approval based on fraudulent studies and subsequent promotion for AIDS treatment. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. extensively documents in his 2021 book, “The Real Anthony Fauci,” the role Fauci played in the propagation of lethal drugs such as AZT, and the promotion of the fraudulent narrative that is HIV/AIDS. Recall that one of the objectives of MK-NAOMI is the deployment of biological weaponry by way of poisonous pills, according to wikipedia.

Considering this, it shouldn’t be that much of a stretch to consider that the entire Covid-19 scenario is another attempt at depopulation through toxic drugs and the Covid-19 injection. I wrote before that a primary way by which people were murdered during this pandemic was by way of the drug Remdesivir in hospitals, and by way of people being placed on ventilators. Coincidentally, people were “treated” with the drug Midazolam while sedated on ventilators. Midazolam happens to be one of three drugs used in lethal injections in capital punishment. Deaths associated with ventilators and Remdesivir were labeled as being from Covid-19, and hospitals were handsomely paid by the federal government for such false labeling. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., as well as many others, are now revealing that the Covid-19 vaccine/injection was actually developed by the Department of Defense and pharmaceutical companies were simply allowed to attach their names to the product. Kennedy has recently stated that 138 companies were involved in the manufacture and distribution of the Covid vaccine, all of which were military contractors, and that the Covid vaccine is a Pentagon product and project. That sounds a lot like an MK-NAOMI style operation. 

“Because of this her plagues shall come in one day: death and mourning and scarcity of food. And she shall be burned up with fire, because YaHuWaH Elohim who judges her is mighty.”  (Rev. 18:8)

“And the light of a lamp shall not shine in you any more at all .And the voice of bridegroom and bride shall not be heard in you any more at all. For your merchants were the great ones of the earth, for by your drug sorcery all the nations were led astray.”  (Rev. 18:23)

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